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Great music and unforgettable fun.

At Stoney End, we believe great music is a beautiful experience worth celebrating. That’s why we’re proud to be connected with area folk music artists and to host concerts and dances in our Music Loft. We hope to see you there soon!

Hobgoblin's Music Loft is excited to offer safe, in-person events in our barn. The prospect of getting together again for fellowship and music will be a joy for us all.

Masks are encouraged, but not required at this event. Please help us to provide a safe concert experience, a safe store area, and a safe environment for our workers.

— Gary & Eve Stone

Upcoming Events

Pale Ales Bluegrass Band — Saturday, March 25th, 7pm — $18

Over the past 20 years this band, unbeknownst to its members, have been preparing for this moment when they come together musically to honor their mutual love of traditional bluegrass music along with their 1970’s Americana influences. This union of musical brotherhood was predicated by each member’s musical resume and countless number of informal jam sessions with each other. Patience, along with the stars aligning just right, played a huge part in uniting the four core members: Scottie Stebbins (mandolin and vocals), Heath Loy (banjo and vocals), David Tousley (bass and vocals) and Marty Marrone (guitar and vocals). These four musicians have been a driving force in providing top notch bluegrass music to thousands of folks across the Upper Midwest for more than 75 years, combined. From the first Pale Ale’s set in 2019 the band gained fans and gig offers alike. Now, in 2023, the plan is to capitalize on that momentum and remind folks how good traditional bluegrass and Americana music can be.

Reservations Recommended

Because our Music Loft has limited seating, advanced reservations are recommended for most concerts and events. Payment is taken at the door. Doors open one half hour prior to concert start time. Please call or email us to reserve your seats or for additional information.

(651) 388-8400